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Craig Anderton

Hello Folks! I'm a licensed Insurance broker who specializes in Medicare. I help to make the process navigating Medicare easy for my clients. By the way, my services are free to my clients.

Medicare Card

This is what the Medicare card will look like. Depending on the choice of the supplement insurance, you will have one or 2 other cards.

Enrolling In Medicare for the First Time? 

If you are enrolling for the first time to Medicare it's critical to know what to do and when to do it. Submit your email above and I will send you the Medicare checklist video as well as provide a checklist for you to print out!

Working Past Age 65?

If you are working past age 65 it's important to know if you need Medicare now or can it be delayed. Submit your email above and the video I send will answer your questions. I'll also include a checklist for those working past age 65.

Relax & Learn 

After submitting your email, you will be able to relax & learn much more quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home - Saving you time and headache!


Just like ties, there are multiple choices that need to be made as you navigate through the Medicare insurance realm. As a broker, I specialize in helping make those choices easier and best for their situation. IE: What prescriptions you take, etc.

What About Prescriptions?

Prescriptions are important to talk to a licensed insurance agent about because not all plans are created equal. I cover this in the video that will be sent when you submit your email address.

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